"Outstanding environmental credentials" for the GLC


Stuttgart. The testers at TÜV Süd have confirmed that the new GLC has outstanding environmental compatibility, thereby also confirming the stringency of the development work for environmentally friendly vehicles.
The preceding model had already obtained its Environmental Certificate in 2009. In addition, outstanding safety that is a hallmark of the brand, as well as the very latest suspension and assistance systems are standard features of the new GLC.
Preconditions for the outstanding eco-balance are the best aerodynamics in its class with a Cd figure of 0.31, and intelligent lightweight construction. The development engineers were able to save 80 kilograms in the new model.
The TÜV testers examine all the environmentally relevant aspects of a vehicle's lifecycle when granting an environmental certificate: from manufacture of the raw materials to production, vehicle operation and then recycling at the end of the vehicle's life – a long way off in the case of a new Mercedes-Benz. Great importance is also attached to the responsible management of material resources. Closed material loops and the use of regenerable raw materials are major actuators in this respect.
34 components in the new SUV with a total weight of 41.3 kilograms consist of high-quality recycled plastics. Moreover, 70 components with a total weight of 24.9 kilograms are produced using natural materials. In terms of weight, this means that the proportion of regenerable raw materials has increased by 21percent compared to the preceding model.
Reuse and recycling of the high-quality materials used is already taken into consideration at the development stage. Together with the suppliers and the disposal partners, innovative recycling concepts and technologies have been evolved that allow both component remanufacturing and recovery of the valuable substances used. The focus here was also on optimising the recycling processes to ensure safe and efficient dismantling.
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