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Agility is a finance solution offering flexibility. As the South African pioneers of Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), we pride ourselves on tailoring the best mobility solutions.
The Agility GFV guarantees the value of your vehicle at the end of your contract, protecting you from the full ownership risk of depreciation.
Agility has never been easier. Simply choose:
1. Your Mercedes-Benz
2. Your annual mileage
3. The length of your contract
No need to take hasty decisions upfront. At the end of your contract, either:
1. Renew: Hand back your vehicle, and select your new Mercedes-Benz
2. Retain: Own your vehicle by either settling or refinancing the GFV
3. Return: Hand back your vehicle according to your contract conditions

Instalment Agreement

Instalment Agreement
Instalment Agreement is a standard ownership finance product, where the full purchase price is paid over the term.
Instalment Agreements can be customised to suit you by:
Selecting your TermDeciding on a Down Payment (or not)Reducing monthly instalments by opting for a balloon payment*
*The Balloon Payment can be refinanced, or settled in full, at the end of the term.


Installment Agreement  
Flexifix provides peace of mind by fixing your monthly instalments, yet allowing the benefit of potential interest rate reductions over the term.
Own your vehicle using Flexifix by:
Choosing your TermFixing your Monthly Instalment
The advantage of Flexifix is that your monthly Instalment will remain the same for the duration of your term, with the exception of your last payment, which will offset any changes in interest rate that may have occurred.
Take ownership of the vehicle after the final payment.


For any finance product or application queries, please contact us on the following e-mail address or telephone number:
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