What is ServiceDrive?

When you bought your Mercedes-Benz, you trusted us to take care of your vehicle when its maintenance plan was still intact. There is no reason why that has to change, even though you have missed the opportunity to purchase a MobiloDrive /PremiumDrive top up maintenance plan. With ServiceDrive, we aim to ensure that your vehicle still receives the same care regardless of the missed opportunity.
Who can purchase ServiceDrive?

Any Mercedes-Benz customer with vehicles outside of the Maintenance plan (PremiumDrive) with vehicle mileage of less than 200 000km and less than 8 years old.

What does ServiceDrive cover?

Service Drive covers two services which include; labour, service parts (as required on the Electronic Service Sheet (ESS)) as well as selected wear and tear parts. The following items are included on the ServiceDrive plan:

Combination/Dust filter, oil filter, Spark plugs, air filter, Front and
rear brake pads, wiper blades and front and rear brake sensors. Coolant, engine oil.

Towing service*, in case of a vehicle breakdown, from the point of breakdown to the nearest approved dealership.

How to purchase ServiceDrive?

You are able to purchase ServiceDrive at any time provided your vehicle is below 200 000 km, and up to 8 years old.   

Step 1: Get into contact with a Finance and Insurance consultant at your nearest dealer.

Step 2: The consultant will issue a cost estimate that is valid for 7 days.

Step 3: Should you wish to accept the estimate, you will be allowed to purchase.