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Why should you use Mercedes-Benz approved tyres?

  • Designed to work with the suspension and handling of your vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres improve driving dynamics.
  • Because we promise the perfect fit. This allows us to select the ideal tyre for your vehicle, offering improved comfort for you and your passengers, while also reducing road noise.
  • The assurance of Mercedes-Benz expertise and experience.

Our Offering

  • Mercedes-Benz Approved Continental tyres
  • Fitting, balancing and aligning
  • Mercedes-Benz trained technicians - the people who know your car best
  • Latest equipment and technology
  • Tyre warranty
  • Peace of mind
  • Complimentary environmental disposal of your old tyres.
  • Complimentary visual tyre check

South African Tyre Law

Regulation 212 of the National Road Traffic Act it states that no person shall operate on a public road a motor vehicle which is equipped with a re-grooved tyre having a bead diameter of 430 millimetres / less. This law enforces that your tyres have at least 1 millimetre of tread; failing to comply with this law could result in a hefty fine.

However, some tyres are fitted with a Tread Wear Indicator, this indicator can be seen once the tread pattern of your tyres is less than 1.6 millimetres. Tyre wear is not limited to just the tyre tread, ; you must also ensure that the sidewalls of your tyres are in good condition and maintain the required tyre pressure for optimum road holding and tyre life.