As much a Mercedes as on the first day

How do vehicles qualify for Certified Pre-Owned by Mercedes-Benz?

Our Mercedes-Benz cars undergo the most stringent testing to gain the Certified Pre-Owned mark of approval. These vehicles are available through selected and specially authorised Mercedes-Benz outlets.

Factory Testing

  • Specialised technicians examine the vehicle inside and out using factory-approved diagnostic equipment.
  • Extensive interior, exterior, electrical and mechanical checks are conducted.
  • So rigorous is our testing, that the vehicle must even pass a driving test during the process.

Verification of vehicle integrity

  • We conduct integrity tests on the car, ensuring that the original registration date, mileage and vehicle condition is established.
  • Of equal importance is the verification of appropriate legal ownership and that the vehicle has not been stolen.
  • We ensure that the vehicle has been completely serviced and maintained according to Mercedes-Benz standards, through our authorised dealerships.

14-Day Exchange Privilege

 *For the exact conditions please ask your Mercedes-Benz sales consultant.
  • The Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned 14-Day Exchange Privilege provides additional reassurance.
  • This entitles you to exchange your car within the first 14 days or 1,000 kilometres of ownership.
  • Terms and conditions apply and are available at your Certified Pre-Owned by Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

Mercedes-Benz Financial & Insurance

  • Mercedes-Benz Finance and *Insurance, have a broad range of attractive financing and leasing offers for your Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.
  • When it comes to safeguarding your investment, you naturally want the very best protection available. We offer a competitive insurance policy, which includes numerous value-added benefits you can expect from a luxury brand.