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Play it safe from the start with ServiceCare from Mercedes-Benz.

  Your van is an engine for your success. If it is up and running, so is your business. With ServiceCare from Mercedes-Benz you can ensure that it stays that way. Find out which Care product is best for your needs. Simply click on "Calculate ServiceCare". 


Calculate ServiceCare

CompleteMaintenanceExtendedWarrantyExtendedWarranty + Maintenance
Covers any garage work that becomes necessary, inclusive of maintenance, wear and tear and repairs.Regular, expert inspections and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.Comprehensive extended Mercedes-Benz warranty for mechanical and electrical components, with no personal contribution required.Combines the benefits of Maintenance and ExtendedWarranty to give greater service at lower cost.

Your benefits at a glance:

Confidence in cost budgeting thanks to fixed instalments

Optimally maintained vehicles in Mercedes-Benz quality

Protection against unforeseen costs

Minimal downtime thanks to an extensive service network

Long-term value retention thanks to optimally-maintained vehicles

MobiloVan mobility guarantee for up to 30 years[1]