The QR Code Rescue Sticker from Mercedes-Benz

Free QR Code sticker for calling up digital rescue cards.
Rescuers need all the help they can get

Often, every second counts in an accident. To help the rescuers at the scene, Mercedes-Benz is now the first ever automotive manufacturer to use stickers with a QR code as an additional safety measure. These stickers provide access to the digital rescue cards for the vehicle model in question: small diagrams containing all of the key details regarding the model's design and structure.The stickers are affixed in the fuel filler cap and on the B-pillar opposite in the vans, that is to say in areas which seldom both suffer serious damage at the same time. In the event of an accident, the rescuers are able to find the QR code quickly and read it out by means of a smartphone or tablet.
* An internet connection is required for this

Digital Rescue Cards

All new and current Mercedes-Benz Vans are now being fitted with the sticker. Furthermore, any Mercedes-Benz driver who does not yet have a QR code can have it retrofitted by their Mercedes-Benz Dealership – valid for all vehicles built from 2004 onwards.