On the road to perfect interaction between the internal combustion engine and electric drive.

When it comes to a large operating range, optimised internal combustion engines represent the practice-oriented solution – engines such as those offered by Mercedes-Benz as part of the Efficiency package.

The electric drive system E-CELL, meanwhile, is ideal for urban traffic, because already today it enables you to drive efficiently, producing zero local emissions and in a manner that conserves resources. In the future it will become increasingly important for our customers to be able to use the advantages of both drive systems in one vehicle. So there is a lot to be said for combining an electric motor and an internal combustion engine in a hybrid drive system. Especially if you have as much experience under your belt in both fields as Mercedes-Benz does.

1. Automatic transmission
2. Electric motor
3. High-voltage battery
4. Combustion engine
5. Control and power electronics

Requirements for optimum hybrid drive system for vans

-Driving purely under electric power in environmentally-sensitive areas
-Extended range for intercity transport
-Little or no reduction of payload compared with  vehicles powered by a conventional drive system
-High practicality and reliability