Sustainability thanks to technological versatility.

Mercedes-Benz has worked intensively on innovations for sustainable mobility for a long time already. Apart from the optimisation of available internal combustion engines, natural gas engines, hybrid and electric drive systems play a key role.

Efficiency package

The Efficiency package incorporates different components according to model (Vito or Sprinter), which interact to have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

E-CELL (electric drive system)

With the Vito E-CELL the dream of zero-emissions mobility comes a bit closer:
It is the first all-electric van from Mercedes-Benz


Internal combustion engine meets electric motor – the hybrid drive system unites the advantages enjoyed by both drive systems in a single vehicle. In particular those van customers who value flexibility when it comes to the field of application will profit from this combination in the future.


Of all the fuels commonly used, natural gas possesses the highest energy density and produces the fewest particulate emissions. The natural gas drive system makes use of these properties – and combines them with attractive economic benefits.


With the BlueEFFICIENCY technology LGT you are deciding in favour of economy and ecology in equal measure. And you remain flexible at all times, thanks to the bi-fuel configuration and the already extensive network of LPG filling stations.


BlueTEC is the cutting-edge SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz.